Oretachi Magikou Destroy

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    俺たちマジ校デストロイ ; Maji Desu: Oretachi Majikou Destroy ; Majidesu: Oretachi Maji-ko Destroy ; Oretachi Maji Kou Desutoroi ; Oretachi maji-kō desutoroi ; Oretachi Majikou Destroy

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Oretachi Magikou Destroy manga summary: Perhaps, there’s a chance that we can say good-bye to our virginity”With that dishonesty reason, three high school students - Tomo, Niina and Megu - determined to become “idols”.But how will these boys beat the current idols!?Majima Kita is a all-boys high school — shorten as “Maji Kou” is known as “Lenient, Lewd and Beautiful”. Presenting by the life-sized boys high school students boys, the success story of the new generation of nowadays’ youth!!


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